John Mann Event Photography

Headshots and Executive Portraits are one of your most valuable assets

I create portraits that reflect your personality and style. Your photo session is all about you, your look, and what you want to convey.

On corporate & networking sites it is important to visually present yourself in a professional manner. For actors, a different look may be appropriate - but regardless -  you’ll look natural, in control, and at ease. 

What to Wear for Your Professional Headshot

Solids work better than patterns.    Patterns and heavily textured items tend to distract from the main focus of the headshot, which is you.

Keep it simple when it comes to the design and style of your clothing.

It’s important that your clothing reflects your personality, credibility, and who you are as a professional in your industry.

Tips for Men:  

  • Avoid shiny, reflective materials
  • Stay classy with a dark suit in navy or gray
  • Don’t have a fresh haircut

Clothing Tips for Women:

  • Stay away from stark white, unless under a jacket
  • Jewelry should add to an outfit, not detract from it
  • Avoid short sleeves
  • Bring a variety of dress shirts, suits, and professional blouses

 Choosing the right colors

It’s a general rule of thumb with any headshot that brighter colors express youth and darker colors express maturity. Keep this in mind when considering the image that will represent your professional persona.

Unobtrusive colors are best- otherwise it will take away focus from your eyes and your personality. Choose colors that you love and look good on you.

Factor in your skin tone as well. If you have a lighter skin tone, avoid lighter colors that could make you appear washed out. If you have medium or darker skin tones, stay away from earthy tones that may be similar to your skin color.

Finally, it is very important that you don’t choose colors that will clash with your website.